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Fact or Fake? Know What is Really True About The World of Influencers

When it comes to pursuing a career as an influencer, there might be some hesitation due to all of the chatter out there questioning its legitimacy. But don't let doubt keep you from achieving your goals! The truth is, being an influencer has become one of the most desirable careers in recent times because it offers so many opportunities to create meaningful connections with others and share your passions. So go for it!

Let's explore the truth around what is being said about this profession.

1- To be an influencer you need to have a minimum of followers

That’s not true! There is no minimum number of followers required for someone to be considered an influencer. Just like having a lot of followers doesn't necessarily mean to be influential. So, if this is keeping you from becoming an influencer, get it out of your head and keep working on it!

2- Collaborating with other influencers increases engagement

Yes! That’s a fact. If you collaborate with another influencers, your post is more likely to be engaged. When two or more influencers work together on a content, their followers are more likely to see it and this can result in more views, likes and comments for those creators. Here at Hypzz, we're big advocates of collaborations - they bring many benefits to both influencers and brands alike. If you're interested in collaborating with another influencer, join our community!

3- Influencer is poster boy

Fake! The poster boy is hired to lend his image so that the brand can make advertising use of it, and the influencer is a partner that establishes a beneficial relationship for both - himself and the brand. This mutually beneficial relationship is therefore considered a win-win relationship; the brand gains exposure and the influencer earns money.

4- Influencer is not synonymous with celebrity

True! There is a clear distinction between celebrities and influencers. Celebrities become famous in the media due to their work as an actor, singer, etc. They may have a lot of fans, but their reach doesn't typically extend beyond those who are already familiar with them. Influencers, on the other hand, have an incredible reach that can create buzz for a product or service. Often times they became famous due to the content they produce.

5- Brands don't influence people

Fake. If you learned in Physical Education classes that the right way to run is with the heel on the ground first, know that you were influenced by Nike. The book “Born to Run” has become one of the most impactful publications in the sports world since it was published in 2010. In it, American journalist Christopher McDougall explains how Nike created this need in the 1970s. According to McDougall's research, at that time Nike was a young company, and they conducted their own studies which showed that humans ran more efficiently and were less injury prone when they stepped with their heels first.

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