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Carolina Michelin

Content Analyst @ Hypzz


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The Power of Influencers in the Buying Decision Process

Retail brands have been using digital influencers in their marketing strategies ever since social media became mainstream and this phenomenon has been growing more and more in recent times. Following the growth of social media platforms, digital influencers emerged, giving opinions about products and services and speaking directly to the consumer. Those influencers made their mark in the industry and are able to reach a large audience by providing feedback and reviews which are readily acclaimed and respected by their audiences and other internet users.

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Influencers rank second in influence in the purchase decision-making process, second only to friends and relatives, who reached 57%. Moreover, 92% of consumers are more confident in recommendations made by other people rather than recommendations made by brands. The fit of an outfit, the texture of a cream, the quality of an electronic, any influencer opinion, positive or negative, can greatly impact the consumer's buying decision and ultimately the brand's image.

The right digital influencers for your business offer an open channel with the audience you want to reach, bringing social media enthusiasts closer to your brand and encouraging them in a more “natural”, simple and objective way to purchase the product or service you offer.

Influencer marketing has established itself as one of the most efficient strategies to impact millennials and generation Z. Believing in this proposition, many retailers have invested in influencer marketing to increase their digital presence, reach the largest number of people with their content and provide new experiences to users, who increasingly dislike content that is inauthentic and unaligned with their values. Therefore, the usage of natural, spontaneous and playful language, creates a more meaningful, credible relationship between brands and consumers.

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